Global Ceramic Composite Material Engineering

We are a company specializing in manufacturing high-temperature

Carbon/Carbon Composite and Rigid felt insulations.


 KORCARB is unique company for Carbon fiber insulation and Carbon/Carbon Composite in KOREA.
 We have an integrated production system in Korea, that produces core heat-resistant parts in the field of silicon

 single crystal furnaces and high-temperature furnace insulation parts.  

 We have supplied carbon fiber insulation and Carbon/Carbon Composite not only in Korea
 but overseas markets such as Japan, China, India, and Russia.


KORCARB’s goal is to offer the best solution for customers in the Ceramic Matrix Composite(CMC) market.

  – We supply the products that the customer wants at the most reasonable price in a timely manner.

  – We provide a fast and stable supply-based in-house system from raw materials to product shipments.

  – We manufacture the best products with the core technologies of the company: carbon fiber web, needle

    punching technology, and H-CVI technology.