· CVD SiC Coating : Graphite & RS(Reaction Sintered)-SiC


Products for LED chip production in MOCVD reactors:


During the extensive coating process in the MOCVD reactor, the properties of the susceptor material have a key influence on coating quality and therefore on the chip reject rate.


Our CVD SiC coated susceptors help ensure efficient manufacture of high-quality LED wafers with low wavelength deviation. Many important factors contribute to this, such as the very high purity and uniform thermal conductivity of the CVD SiC coated graphite or CVD coated RS-SiC. We use specially high purity graphite and RS-SiC for our susceptor plates. High-precision machining and homogeneous coating ensure that the wafer carrier pockets have a uniform profile and the susceptors have high flatness.

CVD SiC Coated Surface

Substrate : Graphite

Substrate : RS-SIC

CVD SiC Coated Thickness Profile

Substrate : Graphite

Substrate : RS-SIC

Physical Properties(Typical)


SiC coating film
Structure beta-SiC
Bulk Density 3.2 g/cc
Bending Strength 500MPa
Thermal conductivity 200W/mºC
Emissivity (650 ºC) 76%
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (25-1200 ºC) 4.4 10-6(m/ºC)

Features of RS-SiC


Vickers Hardness(Hv) 2730
Bulk Density 3.05 g/cc
Flexural Strength 550 Mpa
Thermal conductivity 175W/mºC
Allowable temperature 1600 ºC
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (25-1200) 4.6 x 10-6(m/ºC)